Wild greens and herbs of Syros island


Syros 09/04/2014
Dance Center Akropoditi

This hands on cooking seminar talked about the “rules” of food preparation so as to be complete in all aspects. In the theoretical part we referred to the sense of taste, the basic tastes (sweet – sour – salty – bitter – caustic – astringent – Umami) and gave sufficient data in order to give the participants the chance to classify the herbs and greens tested. Also basic guidelines were given for combining the materials available to create a wwell balanced and tasty salad combining cultured vegetables with wild greens and herbs. We then discussed their qualities and their uses, because wild greens can have many culinary uses.

Basic recipes of salad sauces were given and they improvised using the materials available.

Last but not least, we enjoyed our salads together, because food ,if not shared with love, loses its tastiness.

Flowers and herbs, which we collected in walks click here in Ano Meria and elsewhere, were tested. There was great excitement and they all felt very surprised by how many plants are edible and with so much interesting taste. Afterwards each team created and presented a salad so as the rest would taste it and find the dominant taste and see whether there was a balance of flavors. At the same time I presented my own salads with their sauces.

We had a really good time, shared new knowledge and tried new flavors, hade fun and renewed our appointment for more detailed presentation and work after the fall and the first rains !!!

The herbs that were tested:

Wild celery smyrnium olusatrum (leaves, shoots, buds)
Sage fruits
Kritama crithmum maritimum
Fennel foeniculum vulgare
Wild carrot daucus carrota
Agoglosos cynoglossum columnae
Mallow flowers malva sylvestris
Peratzounia lotus edulis
Radishes, dandelion etc
Lagoudochorto pracium majus
Daisies flowers chrysanthenum coronarium
Fruit of lathyrus clymenum