Vegeterian dishes

This is one of the recipes we cooked at the restaurant MAZI, in Syros on the 6th October, 2014. The recipe is published in the excellent book “Greece-Turkey at the same table” of Lambraki Myrsini and Engin Akin.

My adaptation is (I write the changes only):

4 tbsps spearmint

1 tsp cumin 1 tea cup bulgur

1/2 tea cup grated walnuts

They can be made with blanched chard or lettuce leaves. Or with blanched tender mallow leaves, if you can find them!! They taste like they have minced meat because of the walnuts. A tahini sauce is a good match. Beat in a blender yogurt, tahini, water at room temperature, lemon and spearmint. If you like add some cumin ands garlic. The texture should be like click here a mayonnaise.

½ bunch parsley

1 tbsp. spesrmint

1 large zucchini / grated on a coarse grater

1 large tomato / grated like the zucchini

2 medium size onions chopped

½ tbsp oregano

½ tsp cumin

1.5 tea cup rice

½ tea cup wholemeal tahini

crude salt, black pepper

Mix all ingredients and stuff the vine leaves. Wrap them firmly. At the bottom of the pot put some fine cut potatoes and on top of them put the dolmathes leaving no gαps beetween them. Add hot water to cover them, some lemon juice, 1 tea cup is enough, and no oil because they have tahini. When it reaches the boiling point lower the heat just to simmer for about 50 minutes. Keep them covered with liquid during the hole cooking time.