Rock samphire salad



If you go for a walk by the sea it is very likely to find them. In Syros rock samphire grows in different beaches. Look for them! Gather their tender shoots and leaves and do not worry. The more you trim them the more they grow. Usually eaten pickled, as a mezze or as an ingredient of other salads. This is a recipe though for a salad where sea fennel is the main vegetable.

You will need carrots, olive oil and vinegar (apple cider vinegar better).

Sea fennel should weigh twice as much as carrots. You wash them and blanch them in click here boiling water for 2-3 minutes at most counting from the time the water starts boiling again. Then strain and cool them with cold water. Grate carrots in a coarse grater and mix with rock samphire. Put olive oil as much as just to “polish” the vegetables and vinegar as much as to intensify the flavors of the vegetables and not the flavour of vinegar to be the dominant one. A little salt, because rock samphire is salty and you are ready.

Your salad can be a full meal if you add white or red boiled beans or millet.